…because manners matter


welcome to the “how to be a human” blog. this is a simple blog. a place to share and discuss those things in life that seem like common sense. simple things that should just be part of being a human, but people fail at. let me explain by sharing the inspiration for this blog.

gum. i have no problem with people chewing gum. you can chew any flavor you’d like, at any time of day. now, i’d prefer you chew your gum quietly, no obnoxious smacking noises. that’s just plain gross, but please, enjoy your gum. however, it is understood that at some point, your gum will lose its flavor. it will get hard and you will want to get rid of it. (here’s the part where “how to be a human” was conceived)

people. when you want to get rid of your gum, PUT IT IN THE TRASH.

one sunny day i was with mom and we were going to hobby lobby. we pulled into a parking place and began to approach the automatic doors when i realized my shoe was making a sticky noise with each step. i stop. pick up my foot and take a looksie. GUM. white, stringy, sticky gum was attached to the bottom of my old navy flip flop. EEW. GROSS. NASTY.

i proceeded to remove my flip flop, and attempt to remove the ABC (already been chewed) gum. i scraped it against the curb. i used a wood chip to work on the removal. it was a hassle and it was putting a damper on my happy hobby lobby run. i finally removed the gum – most of it at least and went on my merry way. this whole scenario could have been prevented if someone put their gum in the GARBAGE CAN where it belongs.

so after this heinous experience my sister and i decided we needed to begin keeping track of, and informing the world on these simple things that will make the human race a more quality group of individuals and make the world a better place. and that is what you have stumbled upon today. please, feel free to comment and discuss these issues of common courtesy with us.

just keep in mind the next time your gum goes bad, find the nearest trash can or you may find yourself the subject of this very blog. gum to garbage. its just how to be a human.


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