…because manners matter

So here’s what happened…I got to the concert and picked a seat, I didn’t pick my seat because it’s rude to pick wedgies in public.  I looked around feeling very relieved that the families with small children were in other sections – prime seating!  Not too far, not too close, and no chatty company…or so I thought.

Concert begins.  Lovely music.  Not so lovely conversation behind me.  I cough and move a little in my seat.  Still chatting…Okay, maybe I wasn’t clear enough.

Knowing I have a reputation to uphold, I tried very hard to get the point across while remaining polite.  I turned around, pretending to look at the clock but hoping they caught the judgmental glare I threw…apparently not…maybe it was too dark.  Feeling like I exhausted all other options, when the song ended, I gathered my things, stood up, and moved down the row to a new seat.

Really?  Can you believe that I actually wanted to hear the music at the concert, am I that unique?  This family, this mother and teenager had nearly 23 other hours in the day to have this conversation, yet they chose the hour the concert was going on.

The lesson is simple:  Please be quiet during a concert; it’s just how to be a human.


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