…because manners matter

a fellow human.

friends a very happy thing happened this morning. i was checking out some of my very favorite blogs and realized that one of my favorite bloggers, Jenny Simmons, wrote about how to be a human. and boy oh boy did she have a good story to tell. you can read it HERE.

see, we are not the only ones who are losing faith in the human race. just the other day i was walking across campus to class. i was walking closely behind a young man – not breathing down his neck close, but close enough that he should’ve shown a bit of courtesy. we walked through a set of doors. he went first, i went second. as he proceeded through the door, i followed and guess what? the door came straight back at me, almost smacking me in the face! do you realize what happened? HE DIDN’T HOLD THE DOOR OPEN!!!

please note that this is not only rude because guys should be gentlemen and hold the door open, but it is also rude because we are human beings. i would’ve been equally as riled up had it been a young lady. it’s just polite to hold doors open.

so whether you have to smell hard boiled eggs, like jenny, or you get smacked in the face with a door, know that you are not alone in getting upset.

and to those of you who eat eggs in public and don’t hold doors open, we are talking to you – start using some manners!! it’s just how to be a human.


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