…because manners matter

even 7.year.olds know how.

Today’s post is a guest submission.  How cool that someone sent us their story about manners!  Yeah!  So, to be polite, I’ll say “thank you” and I won’t take the credit for this public service announcement.

The credit for today’s manners matter tip goes to a dear 7-year-old – she is just as precious as can be…I have many memories from growing-up that include her parents, they were our “out-the-back-door” neighbors.  Now they have two cute kiddies!  This is a girl after my (and my co-author’s) own heart – she knows about manners.  Here’s the story, straight from her mom (the story is in italics and my comments are in parenthesis and non-italics):

While trying to shovel yet another snow storm, a young next door neighbor, with a snow blower, came out to clear his driveway. During this time, our neighbor across the street, an older lady, who is a widow, was out clearing her driveway. My 7 year old asks to go help her, which she did (AWESOME). The neighbor with the snowblower NEVER approached her to see if she needed any help (way to go, that’s some initiative!). I went to help when I finished (nice, leading by example), and while there a wonderful neighbor stopped by with his truck and plow, and cleared her driveway. (He had been clearing her driveway “anonymously” up to this point. When she mentioned something about repaying him, his request was for her to pray for him :)) (Rock on!  Those random acts of kindness…)
My point being, that this young “wippersnapper” did not have the common sense or good grace (clearly not a H2BAH blog reader) to help out an elderly neighbor. To you and I – it’s a no brainer – common sense, being a good neighbor, good Christian, a decent human being. Thankfully my 7 year old has these qualities. Sadly, my next door neighbor does not. 😦

I’m oh so happy for this little 7-year-old and very proud of her!  She is growing into a person who doesn’t just think about herself, can see other people’s needs, and is committed to help…I think she’s got potential as a guest writer someday here on the bloggy-blog and maybe can take over when I (and my dear co-author) can no longer write…

So friends, it’s quite simple…take a lesson from this 7-year-old and help someone in your neighborhood.  Please, it’s just how to be a human.


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  1. I greatly enjoyed reading this submission. Thanks 7-year-old….you totally rock!

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