…because manners matter

I know winter is (hopefully) nearly over, but I can’t pass up the opportunity to point out some common courtesies for snow covered parking lots…so, adding on from our previous list

4. Visualize, people…we’ve all been in parking lots a million times – we certainly (should) know what enough space between cars looks like and we really really (should) know what too much space looks like.

That being said,

5. Please don’t park so close to my car that I brush up against the lovely layers of winter filth that have built up on the side of my car.

6. Please watch where your car is going in relation to me and the slush puddles.  No one likes to get sprayed.

So, don’t let the snow give you a brain freeze that causes you to forget your manners…because manners matter in every season.  It’s just how to be a human.

*We here at h2bah offer our deepest apologies for being absent recently in the blog world.  We’ve been busy – but that’s no excuse.  You matter enough to us that we must work harder at making time to post our musings on manners.

**If you are dissatisfied with the rate of postings, take action!  Be on the lookout for manners mishaps and send us a message – we’d love to feature your submission on h2bah.


Comments on: "common courtesies, winter edition" (1)

  1. Michelle Kuhl said:

    “winter filth” = favorite phrase in this blog. LOL! For realz!

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