…because manners matter

friends. it has been a long time since i have sat down to share. i’m sorry. it is not polite to ignore you, my faithful blog readers. even if it’s only 3 people. : )

it rained today. and around campus there were GIGUNDO puddles. i’m talking mini ponds. it was gross. lucky for me, i have galoshes. they are bright yellow. with white polka dots. and so. stinkin. cute. but that’s not the point.

the point is this: not everybody has galoshes. and even if people wear galoshes, not everyone likes splashing in puddles. so to the girl walking in front of me on the path – STOP SPLASHING IN EVERY DANG PUDDLE!

i’ll be the first to admit it – i love puddle jumping. but it is not appropriate to puddle jump and splash when you are surrounded by other people who are not participating in said splashing. you see, when little miss jumpy jumped, my pants got wet. and i had to stop abruptly so i would not run into little miss jumpy. my friends, this should not be.

so let’s recap.

puddle jumping is fun. on. your. own. people don’t like wet, cold pants on a yucky day. so keep your puddle jumping to your self. it’s just how to be a human.

ps. a new installment of the janitorial series in the works. *wink*


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