…because manners matter

humans do exist!

imagine me doing a happy dance right now as i have interacted with a quality human.

you all know i’m a janitor. if not, now you do. typically, when i am working i just get pity stares, or disgusted looks. pity stares because, well, who wants to be emptying surprise boxes at 7am and disgusted looks because i actually AM emptying surprise boxes at 7am.

but, friends, guess what?

thursday morning.

second floor.

arena restroom.

a perky red head walks in. she uses the restroom and comes to wash her hands (side note, i should’ve known she was quality as she did wash her hands – good personal hygiene counts as good manners, you know) and she says “good morning! how are you?” i swear, my jaw hit the floor.

what? someone acknowledged me as a human being even while i was wearing blue latex free gloves and a tshirt that proclaims to the world my misfortune of having a job as a janitor? wow.

she asked me if i had weekend plans, when i got off of work…we had a lovely little chat. she then wished me a good day, and i wished her one back (again, that’s polite) and we both continued on our way. gosh, i think i smiled for the last 30 minutes of work!

and oh, you think it can’t get better? it can.

i’ve seen her 2 more times since than every time, she says good morning and gives me a smile. love.

so red head, work out clothes girl with the lime green headband – thank you for being a human! when i make it to ellen degeneres thanks to this blog, i’ll be sure to give you a shout out!

see friends, nothing extravagant, just how to be a human. : )


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