…because manners matter

exam week etiquette.

i know, i know, your brain is full of chemistry, religion, and spanish verbs. but that does not mean that you may empty your brain of manners and the knowledge of how to be a human.

here are a few things to keep in mind during this stressful time of exams:

  • tables in the library are tables, not forts. yes friends, the other day there were girls who were laying underneath the table studying. what’s wrong with this? first of all, that’s not the purpose of the table. secondly, they were loud and doing more imaginative play in said fort than actual studying causing a distraction. and finally, when they left, they did not clean up from their fun game. the chairs were still on their sides and stacked in odd positions. please, just sit your butt down and study properly.
  • i understand that i am currently sitting in the “community” study section, but still, there are noise levels that are just straight up wrong for any section of the library. and you my friends, yes you, two tables over, i can hear your every word. sooooo, yeah. you’re too loud.
  • oranges or other smelly foods are not good snacks in small spaces – aka the library. they make everyone wish they had fresh produce.
  • having a phone on vibrate is not quiet. every time you get a text, i know about it. and it throws off the mojo of my studying. so please, pretty please, either put your phone on real silent, or don’t let it buzz on the hard wood tables. you’re making me, and everyone else CRAZY.
now, don’t be alarmed. not everyone loses manners during exam week. let me share a little upper. i made the long, obnoxious walk back to my dorm because i forgot my power cord for my computer. when i walked into my dorm, a dad was there. i didn’t know him, but he asked me how my exams were going, if i was having productive studying and then said, “just stay strong! you’re so close! you’re gonna make it!” and i smiled. what a great human.
oh and dear girl having a deep conversation with your boyf in the stairwell – thanks for the entertainment tonight. : )
so friends, whether you are in school or not, let’s be kind to those of us who are working our little tails off. it’s just how to be a human.
and now, let the studying continue.

Comments on: "exam week etiquette." (2)

  1. anonymous said:

    Shouldn’t you be studying instead of writing a blog. Maybe it is your de-stressing task, but maybe it is the de-stressing task of others to play in a library fort. Give people some grace during this stressful time for them and you; it’s just how to be a human.

    • conversesneaker said:

      Hello! Thank you for your comment. Here at H2BAH we are all about giving grace, you are right that that is important and definitely part of being a good human – i would imagine you are an excellent human. The issue in the library was not that the girls decided to make a fort, what wasn’t good human manners was the noise level and the fact that their fort area was not cleaned up – chairs were left on their sides or upside down and the table had been moved from its original placement. I am fine with de-stressing through making a fort, but it is polite and courteous to clean up when you are through! we hope you keep reading and leaving your thoughts! That’s what this is all about! Love, H2BAH.

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