…because manners matter

checking in.

hello faithful friends.

to blame the lack of blogging on being too busy would not be fair.  while my sister and i have been busy – we neglected the blog and that is unfair to you, not to mention very, very impolite.  if anyone is still reading, let me apologize for the silence.  we’re sorry.

there’s a lot going on for us but we promise to not let the blog be forgotten.  after all, people still need tips on being human and if we’re going to make it big here at h2bah then we must keep the posts coming.

i’d like to make a vlog for you…that’s in the works.  see, tips on being good drivers are just too complicated for writing.  these tips require dialogue and visual aids.  just wait for it – the premiere “how to be a human” vlog will not disappoint.

so, there are no excuses for our absences, as most good humans take responsibility when they’re wrong, and we promise to not be so absent.  we love you and shall remain connected.

happy summer.  don’t let the sunshine distract you from being polite.  because manners matter, it’s just how to be a human.


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