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humans do exist!

imagine me doing a happy dance right now as i have interacted with a quality human.

you all know i’m a janitor. if not, now you do. typically, when i am working i just get pity stares, or disgusted looks. pity stares because, well, who wants to be emptying surprise boxes at 7am and disgusted looks because i actually AM emptying surprise boxes at 7am.

but, friends, guess what?

thursday morning.

second floor.

arena restroom.

a perky red head walks in. she uses the restroom and comes to wash her hands (side note, i should’ve known she was quality as she did wash her hands – good personal hygiene counts as good manners, you know) and she says “good morning! how are you?” i swear, my jaw hit the floor.

what? someone acknowledged me as a human being even while i was wearing blue latex free gloves and a tshirt that proclaims to the world my misfortune of having a job as a janitor? wow.

she asked me if i had weekend plans, when i got off of work…we had a lovely little chat. she then wished me a good day, and i wished her one back (again, that’s polite) and we both continued on our way. gosh, i think i smiled for the last 30 minutes of work!

and oh, you think it can’t get better? it can.

i’ve seen her 2 more times since than every time, she says good morning and gives me a smile. love.

so red head, work out clothes girl with the lime green headband – thank you for being a human! when i make it to ellen degeneres thanks to this blog, i’ll be sure to give you a shout out!

see friends, nothing extravagant, just how to be a human. : )


how to be a human: janitorial series.

it’s true – i’m a janitor. well, i actually prefer the title “cleaning lady.” 3 mornings a week i wake up before the sun and clean. mostly i clean women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, on occasion i vacuum. but as a cleaning lady, i have a learned a thing or two about manners. allow me to share.

the first few are janitor to janitor manners:

1. if you finish it – re stock it. you see, we janitors push around a huge cart filled with supplies. it has glass cleaner, trash bags, rags, toilet paper refills etc. these carts have the ability to be handy, but if you use the last roll of toilet paper, put a new one on the cart!

2. empty the trash, means empty the trash. at the front of our carts is a little area for a trash bag. it is so great because then i don’t have to carry the trash around. the only downfall is that sometimes the stench of garbage is always under my nose. now, this is not a problem when it stays empty. but some of my fellow cleaning friends never empty it. 3 day old trash – gross.

now are are a few janitor to common man rules:

1. trash goes in the trash. one of my jobs when cleaning girls bathrooms is to empty “surprise boxes.” they are exactly what you think they are. some girls however, do not have very good trash skills and their “product” does not make its way into it’s special receptacle. therefore, i get to “go fishing” for it. nasty. kindly work on your aim.

2. if i am vacuuming the middle stair case, kindly pick another. thursday morning i vacuumed. as i was vacuuming the middle of three adjacent staircases, a young woman began walking up the middle one and gave me quite the look when i was standing in her way. oh i’m sorry, miss. i didn’t meant to get in your way. i also forgot that the other 2 staircases are inferior to this one.

anyways, there are more, but i don’t want to get lengthy. plus, i want to save some stories for further installments of this mini series.

next time you see a janitor, just smile. and if you are a janitor, do to your fellow cleaning persons as you would have them do to you. let’s be real, it’s just how to be a human.

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