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back. and better than ever.

oh friends it is sad that we have not talked in so long. 


i’m here with great news. 

be ready for a post a week. since my return from world travels and my return to an american college campus, i have seen humans both winning and losing the human race and i’m here to tell you all about it.

so, get ready. 

this time next week, you’ll have some brand, spankin’ new material to read. here’s a hint of what’s coming:

  • crosswalk etiquette
  • how to walk on a sidewalk
  • garbage cans
  • rules of “thank you”
  • tips for the gym
  • doors – when should i hold it open?
  • cell phone manners
  • and many, many more fun topics.

so get ready! talk to you again soon! (PROMISE!)



check out this article.

way to go, yahoo.  here’s a little checklist for those of you who want to know how you’re doing when it comes to teaching manners to your kids.

i know lots of 9-year-olds who have great manners.

checking in.

hello faithful friends.

to blame the lack of blogging on being too busy would not be fair.  while my sister and i have been busy – we neglected the blog and that is unfair to you, not to mention very, very impolite.  if anyone is still reading, let me apologize for the silence.  we’re sorry.

there’s a lot going on for us but we promise to not let the blog be forgotten.  after all, people still need tips on being human and if we’re going to make it big here at h2bah then we must keep the posts coming.

i’d like to make a vlog for you…that’s in the works.  see, tips on being good drivers are just too complicated for writing.  these tips require dialogue and visual aids.  just wait for it – the premiere “how to be a human” vlog will not disappoint.

so, there are no excuses for our absences, as most good humans take responsibility when they’re wrong, and we promise to not be so absent.  we love you and shall remain connected.

happy summer.  don’t let the sunshine distract you from being polite.  because manners matter, it’s just how to be a human.

exam week etiquette.

i know, i know, your brain is full of chemistry, religion, and spanish verbs. but that does not mean that you may empty your brain of manners and the knowledge of how to be a human.

here are a few things to keep in mind during this stressful time of exams:

  • tables in the library are tables, not forts. yes friends, the other day there were girls who were laying underneath the table studying. what’s wrong with this? first of all, that’s not the purpose of the table. secondly, they were loud and doing more imaginative play in said fort than actual studying causing a distraction. and finally, when they left, they did not clean up from their fun game. the chairs were still on their sides and stacked in odd positions. please, just sit your butt down and study properly.
  • i understand that i am currently sitting in the “community” study section, but still, there are noise levels that are just straight up wrong for any section of the library. and you my friends, yes you, two tables over, i can hear your every word. sooooo, yeah. you’re too loud.
  • oranges or other smelly foods are not good snacks in small spaces – aka the library. they make everyone wish they had fresh produce.
  • having a phone on vibrate is not quiet. every time you get a text, i know about it. and it throws off the mojo of my studying. so please, pretty please, either put your phone on real silent, or don’t let it buzz on the hard wood tables. you’re making me, and everyone else CRAZY.
now, don’t be alarmed. not everyone loses manners during exam week. let me share a little upper. i made the long, obnoxious walk back to my dorm because i forgot my power cord for my computer. when i walked into my dorm, a dad was there. i didn’t know him, but he asked me how my exams were going, if i was having productive studying and then said, “just stay strong! you’re so close! you’re gonna make it!” and i smiled. what a great human.
oh and dear girl having a deep conversation with your boyf in the stairwell – thanks for the entertainment tonight. : )
so friends, whether you are in school or not, let’s be kind to those of us who are working our little tails off. it’s just how to be a human.
and now, let the studying continue.

one better.

check this out, friends.

i love angie smith.  she is definitely a human, knows what to do.  she’s not a know-it-all.  she’s totally real.

you must read her post, then come back to h2bah and finish reading my post…go, go now and read…


how great is this concept, do one better.  i love it.  isn’t that what being a human is all about?  what task can i do better at?  sure, i can hold the door for the person behind me – what would it look like to do one better?  yes, i’ll say please and thank you to my barista – let me do one better and ask them about their day.  winning.

so friends – let’s excel here and do one better.  it’s just how to be a human.

more manners for the weather.

friends. it has been a long time since i have sat down to share. i’m sorry. it is not polite to ignore you, my faithful blog readers. even if it’s only 3 people. : )

it rained today. and around campus there were GIGUNDO puddles. i’m talking mini ponds. it was gross. lucky for me, i have galoshes. they are bright yellow. with white polka dots. and so. stinkin. cute. but that’s not the point.

the point is this: not everybody has galoshes. and even if people wear galoshes, not everyone likes splashing in puddles. so to the girl walking in front of me on the path – STOP SPLASHING IN EVERY DANG PUDDLE!

i’ll be the first to admit it – i love puddle jumping. but it is not appropriate to puddle jump and splash when you are surrounded by other people who are not participating in said splashing. you see, when little miss jumpy jumped, my pants got wet. and i had to stop abruptly so i would not run into little miss jumpy. my friends, this should not be.

so let’s recap.

puddle jumping is fun. on. your. own. people don’t like wet, cold pants on a yucky day. so keep your puddle jumping to your self. it’s just how to be a human.

ps. a new installment of the janitorial series in the works. *wink*

even 7.year.olds know how.

Today’s post is a guest submission.  How cool that someone sent us their story about manners!  Yeah!  So, to be polite, I’ll say “thank you” and I won’t take the credit for this public service announcement.

The credit for today’s manners matter tip goes to a dear 7-year-old – she is just as precious as can be…I have many memories from growing-up that include her parents, they were our “out-the-back-door” neighbors.  Now they have two cute kiddies!  This is a girl after my (and my co-author’s) own heart – she knows about manners.  Here’s the story, straight from her mom (the story is in italics and my comments are in parenthesis and non-italics):

While trying to shovel yet another snow storm, a young next door neighbor, with a snow blower, came out to clear his driveway. During this time, our neighbor across the street, an older lady, who is a widow, was out clearing her driveway. My 7 year old asks to go help her, which she did (AWESOME). The neighbor with the snowblower NEVER approached her to see if she needed any help (way to go, that’s some initiative!). I went to help when I finished (nice, leading by example), and while there a wonderful neighbor stopped by with his truck and plow, and cleared her driveway. (He had been clearing her driveway “anonymously” up to this point. When she mentioned something about repaying him, his request was for her to pray for him :)) (Rock on!  Those random acts of kindness…)
My point being, that this young “wippersnapper” did not have the common sense or good grace (clearly not a H2BAH blog reader) to help out an elderly neighbor. To you and I – it’s a no brainer – common sense, being a good neighbor, good Christian, a decent human being. Thankfully my 7 year old has these qualities. Sadly, my next door neighbor does not. 😦

I’m oh so happy for this little 7-year-old and very proud of her!  She is growing into a person who doesn’t just think about herself, can see other people’s needs, and is committed to help…I think she’s got potential as a guest writer someday here on the bloggy-blog and maybe can take over when I (and my dear co-author) can no longer write…

So friends, it’s quite simple…take a lesson from this 7-year-old and help someone in your neighborhood.  Please, it’s just how to be a human.

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