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back. and better than ever.

oh friends it is sad that we have not talked in so long. 


i’m here with great news. 

be ready for a post a week. since my return from world travels and my return to an american college campus, i have seen humans both winning and losing the human race and i’m here to tell you all about it.

so, get ready. 

this time next week, you’ll have some brand, spankin’ new material to read. here’s a hint of what’s coming:

  • crosswalk etiquette
  • how to walk on a sidewalk
  • garbage cans
  • rules of “thank you”
  • tips for the gym
  • doors – when should i hold it open?
  • cell phone manners
  • and many, many more fun topics.

so get ready! talk to you again soon! (PROMISE!)


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